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Time for a Holiday?

The perfect place to be baked in sunshine... Uxbridge? Sadly the lack of a cooling offshore breeze means it doesn't make my top ten unfortunately!

So we are well into the throws of summer and amidst our altered day-to-day activities, it is still the time of the year I love to enjoy some rest and recreation time with family and friends.

Therefore I will be closed after the last clinic session on Friday 14th August until Friday 18th September.


The last few months have been difficult to get some of you back on the road to recovery, and also to get many of you suitable appointment times.

During my time off the diary will be managed by a fabulous lady who will be

introduced in due course.

She will make sure that those of you patiently waiting for appointments are given one for my return, and ensure that no appointments times are wasted on my return.

If there are other issues that you wish to speak to me about or if in need of an out of hours call, she will help to make sure that happens so that appropriate advice or referrals can be made whilst I am away.

I will be introducing this 'wonder woman' to existing patients via email before the 14th and you can all rejoice as queries and requests are dealt with in a much more timely fashion than I have managed in the past!

Thank you all, Louise

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